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Seasons Cannabis is a Tier 1 cannabis cultivator, utilizing the sun and soil to grow our cannabis flower for the Commonwealth.

Black Soil

Meet Matt

Our founder, Matt Leder, has been a cannabis enthusiast for over twelve years. Learning how to grow produce from an early age lended its hand to cannabis cultivation years later. Terpene/cannabinoid profiles are Matt’s main traits of a cannabis plant that he looks for when determining strains to grow, and smoke. His roots of dedication to the plant run deep and will continue to grow for years to come.

Favorite Strain: Pupil Magoo

Favorite Terpene: Myrcene


Meet Fox

Our chief of operations, Fox Redfield, has been a cannabis enthusiast for over fifteen years. We consider him to be a connoisseur, Fox has always been fascinated by the different effects and terpene profiles of various strains. After many years sampling different strains, Fox’s passion for cannabis is only rivaled by his dedication to flower quality and sustainability.

Favorite Strain: Blueberry Kush

Favorite Terpene: Beta-Caryophyllene

Image by Patrick Fore

At Seasons Cannabis, we're dedicated to growing our flower in the traditional way that nature intended - sun-fed, wind-caressed, and grown from organic soil.

We promise to never compromise in that vision.
Discover the difference Mother Earth provides.

Meet Terry

Our lead cultivator, Terry Marks, is a long time consumer and cultivator of cannabis. Originally drawn to its recreational uses, he has more recently been interested in maximizing the medicinal potential of this plant. Being a veteran himself, he has seen first hand the life-altering benefits that cannabinoids can have on veterans that require medication for various ailments. This is what drives his commitment to utilizing sustainable, organic practices to cultivate the highest quality cannabis for veterans and The Commonwealth.

Favorite Strain: Starpupil

Favorite Terpene: Myrcene

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